Judy McLane and Steve Blanchard
Photo by Joan Marcus

Rob Evan and Steve Blanchard
Rob Evan and Steve Blanchard
at the Johnny Guitar Cast Party

Photo by Linda Lenzi
Courtesy of BroadwayWorld.com

Steve recently originated the lead in the new Off-Broadway musical "Johnny Guitar" at the Century Center for the Performing Arts (15th Street and Union Square).  Visit the official web site for Johnny Guitar the Musical for more information - and to order the Original Cast Recording of "Johnny Guitar"

"Steve Blanchard plays Johnny with an equally powerful voice and low key sense of humor."
- Gordon Cox, Newsday

Steve played the title hunk opposite Judy McLane, Ann Crumb, Robert Evan, Ed Sala, David Sinkus, Rob Sapp and Jason Edwards.  The show features a book by Nicholas van Hoogstraten, lyrics and music by Joel Higgins, and music by Martin Silvestri.

Listen to Steve sing songs from "Johnny Guitar" on his debut solo CD, "Northbound Train."

Johnny Guitar the Musical

"Only Steve Blanchard's droll deadpan work in the title role retains a whiff of the original's brain-boggling looniness." - The Village Voice

"Steve Blanchard is an understated riot as the title character"
- Talkin' Broadway



Based on the 1954 film starring Joan Crawford, Johnny Guitar the musical brings a rousing original score with the sounds of the 1950's lounge, western, and rock & roll music to the cult classic.  Set in a small town in the New Mexico mountains circa 1865, the musical centers on Vienna, a sultry saloon keeper who built a booming business on her back.  Though Vienna is the ultimate "bad girl gone good," her nemesis, the pent-up Emma, sees things differently.  A domineering cattle baroness, Emma controls the town with an iron fist but loses her grip when she falls for the dangerously hot-headed Dancin' Kid.  By the time Johnny Guitar, a tall stranger with a secret past rolls into town, the stage is set for a showdown, unlike anything the Old West or Off-Broadway has ever seen.


Ann Crumb, Steve Blanchard, and Judy McLane
(l-r) Ann Crumb, Steve Blanchard, and Judy McLane
in Johnny Guitar
Photo by Joan Marcus

Steve Blanchard, Judy McLane, and Rob Evan
(l-r) Steve Blanchard, Judy McLane, and Rob Evan
Photo by Joan Marcus

"Steve Blanchard handles the title role with gusto."
- Howard Kissell, Daily News

Steve Blanchard with Christine Andreas
Steve Blanchard with Christine Andreas
at the Johnny Guitar Cast Party
Photo by Linda Lenzi
Courtesy of BroadwayWorld.com

About Steve's Performance in Johnny Guitar:

"In Act Two, the standout solo is Johnny's rip-roarin' 'Tell Me a Lie,' and the moment when Blanchard rips off his shirt near the end of the song is one of the show's comic highpoints.....Blanchard is just right as Johnny--manly, macho and mysterious--and shows off his vocal chops on "Tell Me a Lie."
- Broadway.com

"Steve Blanchard makes a fine, vital Johnny Guitar"
- New York Post

"Steve Blanchard is 'appealingly understated.'"
- Ben Brantley, New York Times


Steve Blanchard at the Johnny Guitar Cast Party
According to BroadwayWorld.com, The LINK Lounge named a drink 
after "Johnny Guitar" in honor of the opening.
Photo by Linda Lenzi

Steve had the opportunity to reprise his role as Johnny Guitar 
in a benefit performance by Shadow Block Productions.  
Watch Steve perform Johnny's signature number....

| Tell Me a Lie |

*** Special thanks to Brian Best for the video. *** 

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