In the Fall of 2007, Steve Blanchard brought the character of The Creature to life in the Off-Broadway production of Frankenstein at the 37 Arts Theatre.  This unique production focused closely on the Mary Shelley novel, bringing the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and the Creature to the forefront.  

The Associated Press writes:

Commanding the stage, however, is Steve Blanchard, as the "Creature."  No green face paint, neck bolts, or platform shoes - just a recently hanged man whose body is claimed by Frankenstein and who is reanimated into a monster clearly in excruciating pain, both physical and mental. The depth of his despair is always apparent - especially in songs such as "The Walking Nightmare" and the agonizing "These Hands." Blanchard, perhaps best known for playing the Beast in Broadway's "Beauty and the Beast," is completely emotionally unmasked and stripped bare.



Steve Blanchard

The Creature laments that his hands have become
instruments of death in "These Hands".


Steve Blanchard and Mandy Bruno

The Creature morns his bride, Justine and 
vows revenge against Victor.

Steve Blanchard and Christiane Noll

The Creature exacts his revenge for the death 
of his bride by killing Victor's wife, Elizabeth.



Steve Blanchard and Hunter Foster

The Creature confronts Victor Frankenstein.



Hunter Foster and Steve Blanchard

Victor Frankenstein chases The Creature in order 
to make amends for what he has done.

A cast recording will be available in 2008.  
To hear a medley of songs from the show and to preorder the CD visit the show's official site...

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