Steve Blanchard as Sir Lancelot in

Lerner & Loewe's "Camelot"

"There is outstanding work from the sweet-voiced Steve Blanchard, whose Lancelot is the show’s most believable and moving character"

                                                   - Variety

From 1992-1994, Steve played Sir Lancelot, on tour and on Broadway, opposite Robert Goulet and Patricia Kies in the revival of the Lerner & Loewe classic, Camelot.  I had the pleasure of first seeing Steve perform while on tour in Camelot in St. Louis in June of 1993.

"But only the fine Lancelot, Steve Blanchard, who mixes a sturdy baritone with rock-star narcissism, consistently manages the tonal adjustment without looking down on the material. (It requires a certain nerve to play the role Goulet originated)."

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"If Ever I Would Leave You"
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from Camelot

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"If Ever I Would Leave You"
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As featured on his debut solo CD, "Northbound Train."


"A weak Lancelot, with Goulet on stage, would be disaster, but Steve Blanchard is strong, finding refreshing, rock-opera delights in Goulet’s old standards, especially C’est Moi.  He contemporarizes Lancelot with his halfback frame, Rod Stewart hair, unctuous egotism and robotic strut, echoing Robocop, the Terminator or one of that ilk"

                                - Chicago Tribune

Lancelot (Steve Blanchard) wins
Guenivere's heart (Patricia Kies) at the Fair

If Ever I Would Leave You
Lancelot (Steve Blanchard) sings to
Guenivere (Patricia Kies)

"The revival’s shrewdest gesture is in recasting Arthur’s foil, Lancelot, as a long-haired, blond, rock-star type, Steve Blanchard, who looks as if he might slay a dragon with a Stratocaster.  Blanchard’s performance is one of the show’s best treats: He captures all of the character’s comical egotism without robbing him of humanity, and he sings the songs – especially the ballad If Ever I Would Leave You – with uncommon power and urgency.  What Goulet was to the early 60’s, Blanchard is to the early 90’s – and that IS meant as a compliment."

An original Al Hirschfeld drawing for Camelot

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